Kurds in west of Kurdistan

Kurdish Alliances After the Revolution Began in Syria
Saturday, 16 November 2013


- People's Council of West Kurdistan [ancûmana gel a rojavayê kurdistan]
It includes:
  * Democratic Union Party (PYD).

  * Movement of the Democratic Society (TEV-DEM)

  * Star Union of Women.
  * Organization of families of martyrs.

Written on 03/03/2014, 03:37
Islamic state of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) beheaded a Kurdish civilian, Mohammad Ibrahim, in the city of Tell Abiad,...
Written on 03/03/2014, 03:24
Tell Tamr - The organisation of the families of martyrs opened a branch of it in the town of tell tamr, in the...
Written on 12/02/2014, 14:29
Meetings continues in Afrin canton to discuss topics related to self rule of Rojava.   The executive...
Written on 11/02/2014, 15:05
The Executive Council of the self ruling democratic canton of Jazira met with a delegation from the French...
Written on 10/02/2014, 23:04
A branch of Mala Gel (People's House) opened in the village of Tel Mansour in the canton of...
Written on 10/02/2014, 23:01
A delegation from the human rights organisation, HRW (Human Rights Watch) and the French Institute of the Near...
Written on 23/01/2014, 14:05
Representatives of the government of al Jazeera province met a delegation from the PUK party in the city of...
Written on 23/01/2014, 13:59
The municipalities in the cities and regions of al Jazeera province held an extended meeting in the city of...
Written on 20/01/2014, 20:13
Hundreds of Kurds protested in the city of Geneva 20th Jan to express their anger at the non-inclusion the...
Written on 20/01/2014, 19:28
al Qaeda affiliated groups including ISIS, have cut off the water to the city of Kobane, after seizing control...
Written on 15/01/2014, 23:26
The Office of the Interim Legislative Council approved 13 applications submitted by several organisations,...
Written on 15/01/2014, 23:19
Saleh Muslim, co chair of PYD, held a press conference in Paris, with a high attendance of journalists and news...


Written on 03/03/2014, 04:09
human-rights-watch-hrw-official-speaks-of-situation-in-western-kurdistan-pyd-challengesA delegation from New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) visited Syria’s Kurdish regions, or Rojava, last week, where the Democratic Union Party (PYD)...
Written on 13/01/2014, 19:25
time-for-u-s-to-embrace-syria-s-kurdsEditor’s note: Mutlu Civiroglu is a Washington, DC based-journalist and Kurdish affairs analyst focusing on Syria and Turkey. You can follow him @mutludc....
Written on 28/11/2013, 02:52
syria-s-kurds-find-strategy-against-jihadist-bombings-elusiveQAMISHLI, SYRIA — In the past few weeks, Kurdish militias have cleared a growing number of towns in northeast Syria of al-Qaida-affiliated groups. But now...
Written on 28/11/2013, 02:43
amidst-syria-s-civil-war-women-are-on-the-frontline-fighting-for-kurdish-rightsIt’s early evening at a farmhouse near Ras al-Ayn, Syria. The generator just ran out of fuel. The walkie-talkie starts buzzing and Sheelan grabs it in the...
Written on 28/11/2013, 02:29
women-take-on-fighting-role-in-syria-s-kurdish-northQAMISHLI, SYRIA — In Syria's northeast, women are taking on unusually prominent roles in Kurdish security forces. On the outskirts of the Kurdish town of...
Written on 28/11/2013, 02:18
kurdish-militias-drive-out-jihadists-bring-stability-back-to-parts-of-syriaQamishli, Syria It is a rare sight in war-torn Syria—children clutching bags or wearing small backpacks, walking singly or in groups to still-intact...


Written on 22/12/2013, 00:12